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"Why I Love Downtown..."

We love hearing from you. We have received notes and letters from many of you in which you have shared your feelings about downtown.

Here are some of your letters!

Why I Downtown Hickory by Catherine Hoover

In the last 28 years, I have lived in the Hickory area at three different times. Although I originally lived in Rock Barn, I was drawn to the downtown area because of its wonderful shops and restaurants, and their respective owners.

I opened The Bronze Flower Studio across from the Carolina Theatre and practically lived downtown.

I loved eating at McGuire’s Pub, having great bar-b-q and a very cold beer at the Arcade Pool Room, shopping at Spainhour’s and JoBelle’s, and of course, going to all the movies at the Carolina Theatre.

It seemed that for every bank downtown, there were at least two hair salons. I think I became friends with each and every hairdresser in town!

After being away for any years, I came back to a different Hickory. It was sad to see so many stores, factories and even banks closed. But, the downtown area had been beautifully revamped. It was wonderful to return to Julia Rush’s store and McGuire’s Pub, but it was great getting to know so many new places like Bisque and Beads, Taste Full Beans, and Lou Lou’s Corner, just to name a few of the new places that had opened in the downtown area.

As much as it broke my heart to see Julia close her store, I still run into her at the Hickory Community Theater, Market on Main and at Josh’s Restaurant, all new since my returning to Hickory for the third and final time.

I love seeing those who I met almost 30 years ago. Because of the relationships I have made with so many people throughout the years in the downtown area, I am not leaving Hickory again. I truly love it here.

Even though it has weathered many changes, Hickory is still a beautiful city with a downtown area that offers endless possibilities, and people, like me, who believe in it.

New Experiences in Downtown by Catherine Hoover ?

I like doing crafts. The particular craft changes with time. One year I'll be into making cards; the next, quilting, and then a few years later it's knitting. Ceramics and beads never appealed to me. Probably because of memories of all the ugly things my Mother made in the '60's - mushroom canisters, holly-shaped ashtrays and those little high-heel pin cushions.

And beaded jewelry - no interest there, either, because every other booth at any bazaar, craft fair or art festival had yet another jewelry person selling their "one of a kind" creations. They all looked alike to me.

The flip side of this commentary is Bisque-n-Beads on Union Square. I heard people talk about how great it was for about a year before I made myself walk into the store. OMG! What a paradise! I can't begin to tell you what this store is all about. And, the owner and her employees...they are awesome! They make you feel incredible. Their inventory of beads, charms, poetry ideas and possibilities is absolutely endless.

This is not about beads and ceramics. It's about creating one-of-a-kind artifacts created by you, the artist, at a fraction of the cost of anything you find at a craft show. And, it's both gender friendly! It will change the way you think...just ask me. Want to see the mug I just made?



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