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Developing Consistent Brand Image

LeAnna Graves Creative ServicesLeAnna Graves Creative Services

During LeAnna's career, she has been a part of many wonderful opportunities. Through it all, the universal thread of consistency within each produt line or service provider was present.

These lessons have taught her the importance of a consistent brand image, no matter whether the business or organization be a sole proprietorship or a huge corporation.

Starting in the late '90's, co-branded furniture product collections appeared worldwide in retail shops, department stores and boutiques. LeAnna was involved with the development of the marketing and promotional materials for three such prestigous product lines:
- The Ernest Hemingway Collection® by Thomasville®
- Martha Stewart Signature Furniture® with Bernhardt
- The Smithsonian Collection® by Bernhardt

The Ernest Hemingway Collection®
by Thomasville®

LeAnna Graves Creative Services

This collection was developed as a result of the research and collaborative design minds at Thomasville Furniture and the licensing company representing the Hemingway family.


Martha Stewart Signature® by Bernhardt®LeAnna Graves Creative Services
This collection created a huge splash in the furniture and consumer home furnishings world. It was developed as a result of the melding of collaborative design teams at Bernhardt Furniture and Martha Stewart Omnimedia, including Martha Stewart, herself.

The Smithsonian Collection® by Bernhardt®

This collection combined our nation's history with modern furnishings. When the Smithsonian's
Licensing & Museum Directors united with the designers at Bernhardt, new history was made.


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